Mojostreet, the Foursquare like location based game arrives on Windows Phone

Mojostreet has launched its location based game on the Windows Phone platform. It is available for free download at the Windows Marketplace and it kind of reminds you of Foursquare.
The game is pretty much like Foursquare but only with a whole new twist.  Mojostreet is a real world strategy game that brings your city to life. Here you compete with your friends to maximize your mojo networth by virtually owning the most popular places in your city. Mojostreet also helps you find where your friends are and discover the cool places they are visiting.

Users need to check-in at places to earn mojo dollars using which they can virtually own real world properties and start collecting mojo rent from other players. Check-ins also increases the value of the property and networth of players. You also get surprise rewards and special offers for checking in at participating merchant locations.

Download Mojostreet for your Windows Phone from the Marketplace by clicking on the thumbnail below.