2014 should be the year when Windows Phone ‘app-gap’ ends, says Joe Belfiore

The Windows Phone ecosystem has been getting some app love recently with popular apps such as Instagram and Vine finally making its way to the Windows Phone Store but there are still many big names missing but that might change in 2014 if we listen to Joe Belfiore.


Joe Belfiore, the man best known for Windows Phone development (although he was recently made in-charge of Internet Explorer development) tweeted confidently, “We’re all gonna look back on the end of 2014 as the ending of the app-gap for Windows Phone. The 3rd ecosystem is decidedly here!” He was quite proud to announce that the Windows Phone is now the sure shot 3rd ecosystem and while we agree with him on that but they are still far behind the two giants, Android and iOS right now in terms of features and popular apps.

For most people, the ‘app-gap’ is not the problem on Windows Phone but the lack of features in the operating system and apps with lacking features compared to Android and iOS. For example, the Instagram app which was just released on the platform is pretty barren on features if you consider the competition and there are many more examples we can give you but we hope Microsoft manages to fix them all in 2014 and we get to see Windows Phone at the level we truly want it to be.

We can make out from the tweet that we might see most of the big apps if not all to come to Windows Phone in 2014 and we’ll be glad if the so called Windows Phone ‘app-gap’ ends but it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft can bring Google on-board.