Motorola asks Apple to pay 2.25% of all 3G-enabled devices sold

Remember, we told you about a Patent infringment case that Motorola filed against Apple in German court? Motorola had won the case with regards to the patents it held with 3G standards which had forced Apple to remove its 3G / UMTS-enabled iPads and iPhone 4s from its online German store, in response to a court ruling. But later the products returned. Now Motorola is asking Apple to pay just 2.25% of all the 3G-enabled devices it has sold till date.


Now that looks to be a small amount but if calculated it comes down to $2.1 billion and now that’s too much money.

The patents are regarded as key in the mobile industry and thus Motorola are obliged to offer a licence to any company with fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms (FRAND), but Moto seems to be in no mood for any deals and thus Apple has filed a case in the court of law seeking help. Either way, Motorola will get some extra revenue from this patent win, but totally how much, is the question we will come to know soon.

Also the 2.25% is not all, Apple will have to pay royalty to Moto for each 3G-enabled device that sells in the future. Let’s wait and watch how this case proceeds.