Motorola Shamu handset imported into India for demo purposes

Based on the name, we always thought that the Motorola Shamu had an Indian connection. Well, it does. The device is frolicking in the country.


According to sources, the Motorola Shamu, which is allegedly the upcoming Nexus 6 smartphone, has been imported into India, for demo purposes apparently. Two pieces of the handset bearing model number XT1112, each values at Rs. 34982 were received in Bangalore. The surprising part is that the handsets were imported for demo and not even testing.

While usually the declared value of the smartphones is usually lesser than the actual value, a figure in the Rs. 34000 range implies a very expensive phone, which is generally not the case with the Nexus smartphone. This again is hinting towards the premium Android Silver range. Besides, the handset is already known to have high-end specs.