Motorola Xoom Priced More Than Expectations

motorola_xoom_610x215 Yes, you heard it right. Motorola Xoom tablet which was showcased in CES 2011 have been priced more than expectations i.e $1199.99 as reported by Engagdet from a listing in Best Buy website. Motorola Xoom is the first tablet to hit the Android’s Honeycomb OS packed with some impressive specs. This 10.1 inch tablet is all set for pre-orders starting in Best Buy stores on Feb 17.

So the questions arises , will Motorola stick with these prices? when the iPad 2 is just few weeks away from being announced. At this price this tablet can’t be the iPad 2 competitor. Surely, the iPad 2 will be priced less considering the phenomenal price of the first version.