MTS and develop a mobile app for Golf PGA Asian Tour

MTS in association with has developed a new effective live scoring application for Golf. This application has been exclusively developed for the upcoming Panasonic Open India 2012 – Asian Tour and is available on MTS Pulse and MTag 3.1 smartphones.

mts-moregolf  Traditionally scoring was done manually wherein volunteers carry walkie-talkies and relay the information to a central point, where it is fed into a console. This has a time lag of about 10-15 minutes between the scores per hole of each player.

To facilitate the live feed and real time scores, this application has been developed to cut down drastically on the time lag. This will achieved by deploying volunteers to the 18 greens, and have them enter scores of the players as they pass by into a MTS smart phone which is directly linked to the main console. The application also has the features to be used for LIVE SCORING at corporate events and also for personal Scoring by a golfer.