MTS to launch ‘mPOS’ card-based payment service in India

MTS has announced that it will be launching an innovative service called MTS mPOS (Mobile as Point Of Sale) which offers acceptance of card-based payments through mobile phones and tablets.  The service basically brings a mobile substitute to the conventional credit/debit card swipe machines.


MTS mPOS will also allow shop owners like small chemist shops, provision stores, delivery boys etc. be able to offer ‘payment by card option’ to the customers. This service reduces the high hardware costs of a conventional POS terminal & the monthly maintenance charges involved.

How to se MTS mPOS:
  1. User needs to download the mPOS application on the MTS Smartphone (for the first time only).
  2. Fix the mPOS attachment on the Smartphone via the audio jack.
  3. Open the app & enter the transaction amount & other details.
  4. Swipe the Credit or Debit Card on the attachment.
  5. Customer checks the transaction details shown on the screen and authorizes transaction.
  6. The customer signatures can be taken on the MTS Smartphone screen itself.
  7. Once the payment is processed, intimation is sent to the card holder via SMS and email
  8. For merchants the amounts are transferred to the registered bank account.
The details of the Credit/Debit Card are encrypted at the time of swipe. The application uses Smartphone’s data connectivity to send the packet out to the host servers. At no point is the card data saved on the phone or on the mPOS attachment. Hence, the transactions conducted are completely secure and safe. The entire end-to-end solution is PCI (Payment Card industry) DSS (Data Security Standards) compliant.