‘My Call Me Tune’ mobile app launched by Tata DoCoMo

Tata DoCoMo has announced the launch of a new mobile application called the ‘My Call Me Tune’ in partnership with OnMobile that would let Tata DoCoMo GSM users create, customize and activate their call me tune service from their smartphones..


The My Call Me Tune app goes on to allow users to search, preview and buy music content on the go with a great user interface thereby letting users to enjoy a smooth process to setting a Call Me Tune. 

Using this app, users can set their current as well as future presence/status, on the go and set it as their Call Me Tune for a fixed duration. For e.g. If you are in a meeting, you can easily record your own voice template and put it as call me tune stating “in a meeting, will call back later”.
Users can also set their preferred language under the settings option to customize and use their favourite songs. One can set a particular song for a specific caller by entering his/her mobile number while requesting a Call Me Tune and easily copy the Call Me Tune of another user by just entering their phone number.
The application is presently available for Android, Blackberry and Symbian smartphones and will be available for iOS platform users very soon.
To activate this service Tata DoCoMo customers just need to dial 590002 or sms <MY CMT> to 543211. The system will then send a downloadable link of My Call Me Tune application via SMS. Just download the app and enjoy the My Call Me Tune service. The charges for downloading songs would be Rs 15 for 90 days.