Nano-SIM creates debate between Apple, Nokia, Motorola and RIM

You probably remember we posted something about a new SIM card which will be even smaller than the micro-SIM, yes we are talking about the nano-SIM.


Of course the small size will save space in handsets, allowing manufacturers to utilize every millimetre of the area reduced, but now a new issue has spurred up. Hardware manufacturers have proposed their own version of the nano-SIM, and they want their versions to be made standard.

Both Apple and Nokia have submitted their designs, where Apple’s design uses a tray to hold the nano-SIM, Nokia refuses to agree with Apple and has its own version of the nano-SIM which has some technical advantages.  Motorola and RIM agree with Nokia on this, and have joined the band-wagon. But the big names joining Nokia doesn’t make it a winner, because you see Apple is backed by most of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI and Apple is registering six different European subsidiaries as voting bodies, which means 45 votes from each body. This will make Nokia’s 92 votes go down the drain.

What do say, is the nano-SIM worth it?