The All New HTC One hits FCC

The HTC One successor, the All New HTC One is nearing its launch and the device has just knocked the doors of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and cleared the certification.


In case you don’t have a clue on what FCC is? Well, it is a commision for phone certification in US before any phone hits the market. Thanks to the FCC filings, we get to know the connectivity features of the device.

The All New HTC One’s FCC filing shows us that the device will have six different models for different carriers. It almost confirms that the new HTC flagship will be available on all major US carriers which should do a world of good for HTC. The device also comes with 4G LTE connectivity.

The FCC clearance means the device should hit the market soon after its launch on March 25 and the All New One might even beat the Galaxy S5 to the market. HTC recently the device in its second teaser focused on the metal unibody of One. We have already seen the All New One in press images and recently in a detailed hands-on video. We now have to wait for March 25.