New HTC One Ultrapixel camera to have awesome low-light sensitivity

It seems like HTC has finally stepped up to the plate and started offering much more than just great software. The next HTC One handset, also known as the New HTC One or M8 might have an Ultrapixel camera that will take night shots with ease, according to its new teaser for the phone.


While the New HTC One builds upon its predecessor’s success with the metal unibody form factor and BoomSound Audio, it seems like it has much more on offer, most importantly a 2 Micrometer ultrapixel image sensor. HTC claims that it captures 300 percent more light compared to competitors.


Simply put, the New HTC One will most probably have an awesome camera that can easily take clear night shots, something currently a dark area for even the mightiest of smartphones.



Will the New HTC One be everything it is hyped to be? We will have to wait till March 25 to find out. Check out this video in the meantime.