New patent suggests ‘Face Recognition’ feature coming to iOS devices

Google has already implemented the ‘Face Recognition’ feature in Android 4.0 ICS, and now it seems that Apple is also interested in the feature. AppleInsider has found a new patent application entitled “Electronic Device Operation Adjustment Based on Face Detection” which describes using a forward facing camera on a device to recognize individual users and also track the orientation of their face with respect to the device.


The application describes a system that could scan and detect a specific user’s face, and then unlock the device after the person has been recognized. If the user cannot be identified by the system, they would then be presented with the option of entering a security code to unlock the iPhone or iPad.

Sounds pretty much similar to tradition face unlock feature, but there is more to it. Apple’s application will not only be used to unlock the device, but by recognizing a specific user, the system could customize its layout or other settings based on the pre-set preferences of that authorized user.

This means that once the face is detected an operation of the device can be modified based upon the recognized human face. The modification can include executing a pre-defined set of operations such as opening email, opening text messages, etc.

Sounds pretty cool but do you think Apple will implement this technology anytime soon?