Next-gen iPhone’s back panels leak, gives info on small design changes

Ah! What a start to the day it is. Just when you thought that there would be just another launch of a smartphone or some other tablet, we today see the leak of Apple’s upcoming next generation iPhone’s back plate and more. 


Yes, 9to5Mac just got tipped with pictures of the next-gen iPhone’s back plate with goes on to suggest that the ‘iPhone 5’ or the ‘new iPhone’ would be made out of metal and there is no glass back in there, at least as for now. 

But the source is not sure which metal it exactly is, or is it just for the sake of the looks, but the metal is definitely there, in all the pictures. It appears that the antenna band is moulded into the metal backplates, which seems to be Apple’s way of including a unibody enclosure for all delicate parts making the iPhone, lighter, thinner and stronger. 

Also if Apple is successful with this pattern and is able to accommodate all the parts in the minimum area, then it would be great because it definitely needs to make a lot of room to include a higher capacity battery if it wishes to include the LTE radio in the next iPhone.

Next we can definitely see the change in the dock connector, which in the picture seems to be rounder and smaller, which goes on to almost confirm the previous rumours that Apple is planning to bring in a new 15 pins connector to save on the space. Also the earphone jack has been moved to the bottom corner of the panel and the grills of speaker have been redesigned. There is a small opening between the camera lens and the LED Flash, which we assume is a second microphone which would help users to have a better audio capture while recording videos.


Next up is the next-gen iPhone’s frame which would hold the important components and the home screen button. Now this confirms that the iPhone would definitely have the button and that too round shaped. One thing that the people who sent in these pics claim is that the width of the parts is same as that of the iPhone 4 and 4S but they are a little longer which makes us guess that the iPhone would definitely have the 4 inch screen. 

Above you can see what the source believes is the front glass of the next iPhone and with the back panel. The width of the screen is the same but it is a bit taller to accommodate the rumoured larger 4 inch screen, the source says. Also we can see that the front camera lens, which is used for FaceTime has been moved to the centre, just above the earpiece. And there is another confirmation from the pics above that the next iPhone would not arrive with edge-to-edge technology and it will come with the tradition MicroSIM. 

So are these part genuine and will they arrive on the final iPhone? Or are these meant for some testing devices? Well we’ll know it all when Apple releases the iPhone 5 with iOS 6, later this year.