New redesigned 3D maps coming to iOS 6

We’ve heard before that Apple might not be using Google Maps in its upcoming iOS 6 which they have been using since the company started its iPhone business and today we have some leaked pictures showing how the new maps will look like.


The leaked screenshots show a whole new interface and confirms the fact that the 3D view feature will be included. Apple had acquired and will be thanking C3 Technologies for the 3D map features which make the maps look like Google Earth.

The whole interface also seems to have changed as the lower bar has been removed by a single button on the left to give your location and to change into 3D view, you have flip the map from the bottom right. Once enabled, you can switch back to 2D view by tapping on the 3D icon that pops up with the location icon on the left.

The new maps are said to feature in iOS 6 which will be revealed WWDC in the coming months.