Next iPhone could be Solar powered

Apple which has already a host of suits patent infringement against other major mobile manufacturers is now vying for a patent that made our eyes roll. Apple has filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a patent of a touchscreen cum solar panel.


As per the application, Apple would integrate the touch screen display with a solar panel that would absorb incident light and convert it to energy to charge the battery. To begin with, the original batteries will be replaced by solar chargeable batteries. The panel for which Apple is currently seeking Patents will house the solar panels and simultaneously be used as a normal touch screen.


With smartphones getting heavier specs and more functionalities, battery life is definitely affected. While recent innovations, like the wireless charging and portable charging, haven’t been successful due to the extra costs incurred for the additional circuitry.

Apple which was earlier known for its revolutionary innovations may be just getting back in form. Either ways there is no possibility that a device like this with a solar panel fitted would come for cheap.