Nexus 7 has hidden magnet sensor to wake it up from sleep

Google’s 7 inch tablet, the Nexus 7 has seen a couple of teardowns but none of them were able to spot a hidden magnet sensor that has been discovered on the Nexus 7.


While this is nothing new for us, neither Google nor ASUS reveal that a magnet sensor exists on the Nexus 7. Now when a magnet is applied to the sensor, the device sleeps and then when the magnet is removed, the device immediately wakes from sleep.

While the mention of the magnetic sensor is not to be found anywhere, we feel that the Nexus 7 covers that ASUS unveiled a few days back might also have some hidden magnets beneath it.
Though the feature is old enough to not excite us but it then now that it is included in the Nexus 7, it is really great to see. If you are also excited to see how the magnetic sensor works, then catch the video below to see it in action.

Magnetic sensor on Nexus 7: