NFCLauncher, first NFC app for BlackBerry

We all know that the next-gen communications will take place over NFC (Near Field Communication). And if you have a BlackBerry 7 device with NFC capability then an app called NFCLauncher is all you need. Using this app you can do almost just about anything using the built in NFC chip, you can touch a tag on the night stand to activate the bedside mode, lock your BlackBerry handset when you touch a tag on your belt, touch a tag on the gym locker to change ringer profile, update BBM/WLM status, and open workout playlist in native music player or just touch a tag in your car and send an email to your partner saying you are on the way home. You can also change the profile to Silent or Vibrate when you enter a meeting by touching a tag on your holster.
You can do all this with NFCLauncher which can help you a lot in managing your daily activities with just a tap or touch. You can also add more functions to it as per your needs. You can download this app from here.

Watch the video for more.