Facebook for Mobile gets upgraded

We just posted an update regarding the new Facebook app for the iOS platform including the iPad, and now we have some more Facebook news. The mobile site for Facebook has been drastically changed and brings in a whole new browsing experience.
The mobile site now has four icons on the top that let you navigate through the Facebook mobile site as if you are using an app. The social channels like bookmarks, requests, and news Feed are now easily accessible and are much more improved. There is also an options icon which opens up a side-bar that includes all of your favourites, groups, pages, apps and all the settings just like the desktop version of the site. You can even respond to requests for apps and games sent by your friends even if you are on your mobile using the mobile site.

This is just a little visual glimpse; there is a whole lot more going on and it’s just not limited to the mobile page, but also the Facebook app for different platforms. The news feed now has a users feed dialog to share highlights from apps so now people can see a story on their mobile news feed, tap the link, and land directly on the mobile version of your app, whether it is a native iOS app or a mobile web app. Also there is the addition of authenticated referrals that ensures all referral traffic from Facebook to your app has users connected to Facebook. When users search and find a new app, or taps on a News Feed story or a Request from a mobile app they haven’t previously used, they will be prompted to log in before going to the app.

All in all the Facebook mobile experience has been improved, be it the apps or the mobile site. The improvements are not only visual but there is also improvement in page and content loading which should be the priority of any social network.

Try the updated Facebook apps and mobile page and tell us what you think.