New NHAI mobile app gives you toll plaza information

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) have launched a mobile app today, which will give smartphone users in India information about the toll plaza.


The app will let you check if the toll plaza is legal and how much you need to pay at the plaza. You can check out the toll charges for each category of vehicle – car, jeep, truck or bus. You can enter the names of your origin city and your destination city and the app will automatically list you all the toll plazas on the highways.

A website by NHAI is already present to let you know about the toll plazas. Information of around 250 toll plazas can be found on that website. The app has been introduced so that the commuters can access it on the move. The app is available for Android smartphones and provides info on toll plazas within the 100 km range.

According to a government official, “Commuters can also access updated information about concessions available for local and frequent users on any toll plaza so that the toll operators can’t fleece them. They can get details of the facilities available near a toll plaza, contact numbers for emergency services, local police station and nearest hospital.”