Nimbuzz mobile social messaging for Android

nimbuzz-android Nimbuzz launched its mobile social messenger application for Android handsets. Unique for Android users, Nimbuzz introduces a  buddy list layout, Skype IM, a time-sensitive user interface, home-screen notifications, auto-reconnect, clickable URLs, and local social network support to make Nimbuzz the most sophisticated IM application for Android handsets.

Nimbuzz has added a time-sensitive user interface option that detects how long the user presses on a contact in the buddy list. A fast-click instantly opens the contacts profile; a long-click opens a live chat window.It also provides home-screen notifications that alert the user on the home screen of activities such as incoming chats while the application runs in the background.

These updates work alongside the auto-reconnect feature providing seamless connectivity, by instantly reconnecting whenever a connection is lost. The buddy list displays avatar and presence information in one, with community icon and resource information, if the person is online on the mobile or PC, in the same line.

Integrating Skype IM is unique to Nimbuzz, which already supports multiple communities including Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ and many more. Clickable URLs that make for a multi media chat experience, and the additional support for local social networks such as StudiVZ, Hyves, Gadu Gadu, and Giovani, add to the extensive feature list making Nimbuzz Android the most comprehensive mobile social messaging application available for Android handsets.

To download it click here.