No future Android updates to SE Xperia X10

SE_X10  Sony Ericsson had released the update of Android 2.3.3 for its Xperia X10 users back in July this year. And if you are expecting a new release upgrade to Android 2.3.4 for your device, well there’s bad news. In a tweet answering a query of an Xperia X10 fan on Twitter, Sony Ericsson UK has confirmed that there will be no future updates to the X10 in the future. This may be more than just disappointment for all the X10 users but this is it. The phone was released some 18-months back and the company thinks it’s high time to concentrate on newer devices.

But X10 users need not be totally disheartened as CyanogenMod will release support to a few Sony Ericsson devices and X10 is definitely included in it. We will update you when CyanogenMod support is available for you.