No Prepaid Mobile Services in Jammu & Kashmir from today

ban-on-prepaid-mobile  From today onwards People in Jammu and Kashmir will not be able to buy a new Prepaid mobile connection as well as will not be able to use their existing Prepaid Mobile connection. The Home Ministry of India has decided that no pre-paid mobile connections should be issued and existing pre-paid SIM cards should not be renewed in Jammu & Kashmir from today onwards (November 01, 2009). The Ministry has asked the Department of Telecommunications to take appropriate action in the matter for implementation of the decision. The step comes in the wake of the reports that proper verification is not being done while providing such pre-paid mobile connections by the service providers/vendors.In some cases, a single person had been issued with multiple number of connections. The fake documents/identity numbers are also reportedly being used by the vendors particularly, in the case of pre-paid connections. This situation had given rise to serious security concerns. Hence, the decision to stop Prepaid Mobile Services is Home Ministry of India.