Nokia Asha 303 review: Fantasy feature phone

Nokia seems to be making full efforts for a comeback from the disaster that the last year was for the company. After the success of the Lumia range, Nokia is targeting the feature phone section of the mobile market that it once ruled. The Asha 303 is a fine effort on that part. Let’s have a look at it.

The Asha 303 is a touch and type handset based on the S40 platform, 128 MB RAM and a 3.2-megapixel camera.  Despite being a feature phone, this phone looks good, feels good and is loaded with features. Whether it be apps, Internet connectivity or a 1 GHz CPU, the phone has it all.

So the only question left to answer is, is this feature phone worth its price?

Look and feel

The handset has a rectangular frame, a Blackberry-esque keypad and a 2.6-inch screen. It comes in vibrant colors and looks suave. Whether it be the front or the back of the screen both look pretty good. The UI is pretty good too. Even though the handset is plastic, it has a shiny finish. It fits right in the palm of your hand and hardly looks cheap.

Apps and services

When we talk about a feature phone, we hardly ever make noise about the availability of apps. Well, that is hardly the case with Asha 303. The Asha 303 boasts of WhatsApp, Nokia Maps and Angry Birds amongst many others, which you can download from the Nokia Store.

It is easy to even access your email or social network on this phone.


In the terms of connectivity, the handset boasts of Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile Internet. It is easy to access the Internet both ways on the handset.

Internet on Nokia feature phones seemed like a distant reality some years back. When we used a feature phone like a Nokia 1100 or Nokia 7610, we hardly even thought of accessing the Internet on our phones. Well that is hardly the case with the Nokia 303, which we say very gladly. The Bluetooth connectivity is also pretty good.


The handset performs pretty well, when it comes to connectivity, the apps work fine but the 3.2-megapixel camera hardly matches up. It gives us room to rant predictably. The shots taken from the camera appear to be hazy and hardly matches up to our expectations and is not even worth discussing.

If you were to take your shots and upload them to Facebook for example, you can forget about it. The FM radio on the other hand, is quite good. The headset reminds you of the Nokia 5800. You can even download music quite easily from the Nokia store.

The battery life is kickass. The Nokia Asha 303 is built to last when it comes to the battery.


Overall, the handset is a pretty valuable addition to Nokia’s feature phone range. Nokia has endowed the Asha series with many features that make it great to have feature phone. Although the keys might seems a bit small, if you graduate to the phone with bigger keys, but it is totally worth it.

Superb Internet connectivity, a 32 GB MicroSD slot and great apps hardly leave room for complaints although the camera left us kind of disappointed. But at a price of around Rs. 7200, we would totally recommend this handset. If you want a Nokia phone but can’t afford Lumia, this is the thing for you.

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