Nokia becomes world’s largest Windows Phone vendor

Nokia, we all know once was the mobile phone leader worldwide, but then Symbian started to go down, Apple and Android came in and everything changed. But Nokia decided to move on with Microsoft and its Windows Phone OS. And it seems that the decision is finally fetching reap to Nokia.


According to a recent report published by market research firm Strategy Analytics, Nokia has become the top Windows Phone vendor in a matter of just one quarter.

If the report is to be believed, then out of the 2.7 million Windows Phone devices sold in Q4 2011, Nokia has raced ahead of HTC, Samsung and others to become the world leader of the Windows Phone market by shipping about 0.9 million devices where as other managed a total of 1.8 million devices. Now this is indeed a great feat for the Finnish company as it achieved this that too by selling only two devices minus a worldwide availability. 

With this the Global Windows Phone vendor marketshare is also now dominated by Nokia with a total of about 33.1% whereas others have contribute the rest of the 66.9% in bits and pieces. Indeed a great news for Nokia and Microsoft too as its market share has also seen a steep rise after the Nokia devices have sold like hot-cakes.

With Nokia planning to release its Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 in more countries followed by the international variant of the Lumia 900 and two more new devices at the Mobile World Congress, both Nokia and Microsoft would be finally be breathing a sigh of relief.