Nokia buys Smarterphone, an OS for feature phones

Well sources are confirming that Nokia has bought, Smarterphone, a Norwegian company who develops mobile OS by the same name for feature phones. But what is the OS Smarterphone like? Well Smarterphone makes it possible to deliver a user experience similar to smart phones on affordable hardware, and allows unique flexibility for tailoring handset software to different markets. Thus making any lower end device running on the OS, pose not less than a smartphone.

Back in February, Nokia decided to ditch Symbian and go ahead with Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS for all its future devices. So that has left Symbian for development of lower end devices. But now after buying Smarterphone, is Nokia going to introduce a new breed of lower-end Smartphones to expand its hold in some of its emerging market? Well time will tell. Until then we can only keep guessing and run our brains to understand the motive of Nokia buying Smarterphone.