Nokia City Lens now available for Lumia devices

Nokia City Lens, the augmented reality browser has been available for the Symbian devices for quite some time now, has now arrived exclusively for all the Windows Phone running Nokia Lumia devices.

City Lens allows users to experience their world in a totally new way i.e. once you launch the application; your surrounding points of interests will instantly be displayed on the device screen. If you have found an interesting place which you wish to visit, then all you have to do is simply tap the chosen destination on the screen to conveniently access walking directions, make a reservation, or learn more detailed information about the locale. 

The app is awesome and goes on to give us a new way to look at the things near us. 

With Nokia City Lens (Beta) 
  • You can instantly see what’s around you: landmarks, restaurants, hotels, shops and public transport stations visually right on your phone
  • Select your interests in many different categories: Nokia City Lens will filter the points of interests and present your choices
  • All the details at a glance: simply tap to read reviews, descriptions and destination information
  • One tap to call or navigate to the location
  • Share a place with friends via email and SMS or via the built-in sharing feature of Windows Phone
So if you wish to try the Beat app on your Lumia device, then head over to the Nokia Beta Labs and download it for your device and enjoy. Remember that you’ll need to login with your Nokia account to download the app and try it.