After Nokia deal, BlackBerry pushes for sale: WSJ

It seems that takeovers are the new trend in the smartphone industry. After the Nokia deal, it seems BlackBerry, which was in talks about selling out is pushing for a quick sale. This is because BlackBerry knows that the biggest buyers on the block have already hedged their bets – the possibility of Microsoft or Google investing in BlackBerry is lower than before, which is why the company wants to sell out before this November. Blackberry has  already prepared a  list of buyers and wants to sell only parts of the company and not the whole thing according to the Wall Street Journal.


Now, besides Google and Microsoft. who should be the major bidders for BlackBerry? Well, the only names currently big enough seem Samsung and Apple – we sure would be glad to see SamBerry or AppleBerry. While Nokia sold for a cheap $7.17 Billion, BlackBerry has one important bargaining tool – its vast corporate portfolio, which could be beneficial for any company that chooses to acquire it.

That being said, most of these corporations will sense BlackBerry’s desperation to sell, which might harm its pricing. Either way, it will be interesting to whichever way it goes.