Nokia Diexie released in beta for writing Chinese naturally and accurately

The research centre for Nokia at Beijing has recently launched a beta application called Nokia Diexie (official name 诺基亚叠写 meaning “overlapping handwriting”). The application is available for touch screen phones and users can write sentences without having to pause for characters.

The unique application allows users to write a character and then overwrite upon the previous character as it fades away, basically stacking words on top of the other. This helps in writing on smaller screened touch phones as the whole sentence can be written quickly without compromising on the area of the screen.

The researchers also added that this input method not only increases the overall user experience for Chinese character text input, but also increases the accuracy of the recognition to identify different handwriting styles.  Instead of having to recognize just one character, the character recognition engine sees all the characters in one complete sentence and determines if the characters create a grammatically correct sentence.  The result is increased accuracy and a much more intuitive handwriting input method.