Nokia entering tablet market?

Acknowledging the lucrative business the tablet markets have to offer, most of the mobile companies are trying their luck in the business. Most of the major companies have already started with tablet devices along with the traditional smartphones. We have reason to believe that even Nokia may be trying something similar.


As per reports, Nokia at an event in Pakistan had a tablet like device next to a Nokia phone in a presentation. Now the rumors are out that Nokia may be trying to get into the tablet industry and stop concentrating only the smartphone markets.

Now Nokia has officially rubbished all these rumors by saying the device doesn’t belong to Nokia. According to the statement issued by the company, the device was simply put to compare the Windows 8 UI across various devices and it’s not an actual Nokia device.

While we cannot deny that Nokia would tend to enter the tablet markets also, the statement from Nokia force us to think otherwise. There are speculations that the statements are put only to waive off the media from the company’s future plans.