Nokia Exec: “Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon”

Nokia’s Executive Vice President for Marketing Chris Weber tweeted something really interesting which has caught the attention of all!


Weber in a tweet went on to challenge Samsung openly and told the Korean giant to ‘take note’ of Nokia’s next generation of Lumia. Chris Weber tweeted “Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon. #nokia”

Now we can speculate loads of thing which can be related to this tweet. Is Nokia planning a huge 5 inch sized Lumia which it wants Samsung to watch out for with that ‘take note’ wordings or the next generation of Lumia’s running on the Windows Phone 8 OS are going to be so much awesome which could compete directly with Sammy’s Galaxy range of smartphones?
With this there are also rumours going on that point out that Nokia might also go on to unveil its Nokia Lumia tablet running on Windows 8 OS. Now this is something we are not at all expecting but if this happens, then it’ll take the world by surprise for sure.
Whatever the case may be, we are just weeks away from the Nokia World which is scheduled for September 5th, where the announcement is expected.