Nokia Lumia 830 leaks in alleged pictures

A new Microsoft device (Nokia branded) has leaked in a few pictures and it might be the Nokia Lumia 830. We are not sure if these pictures are the real deal but anyways, take a look below.


The leaked pictures come from China’s microblogging network, Weibo and it is supposedly the Lumia 820 successor. The device seems to feature a metallic frame, similar to the the Lumia 930 and it looks pretty slim. It also seems to be bigger than its predecessor, so we can expect a bigger display.

The camera unit on the rear looks a lot like the Nokia Lumia 1020’s unit but it seems smaller and it is highly unlikely, we’ll see a 41 MP camera on this device, considering the 8xx’s mid-range status. We don’t know about the specifications of the device but we can expect a decently powered device if it’s indeed the Lumia 830.

There has been a lull in the Windows Phone space from Nokia/Microsoft. We haven’t seen a new device in the last few months. Only the Lumia 630 has been launched while the Lumia 930, which was announced alongside it still hasn’t hit the market. Hopefully, Microsoft is preparing an onslaught for the future.