Nokia Lumia X, Twisting camera coupled with Windows Phone 8 appears

Early Monday morning and we have something interesting to share with you. Remember the Nokia 5700 which arrived with a rotatable bottom for easy access to camera and music player?


Well now according to a picture posted by MNB which was tipped to it suggests that Nokia might be planning to a smartphone with similar design but on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform called the Nokia Lumia X.


Now we do know that this is something hard to digest but why not just think in a different way and imagine how you would respond to a Windows Phone 8 smartphone with a similar design.
The tipster has also said that the Finnish giant plans to unveil the Nokia Lumia X in September and also gave a few specs which include an HD AOLED ClearBlack display, Snapdragon S4 processor, 8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss Lens that can be rotatable.
Also there will be dedicated keys for playing games and the device can be twisted to access music quickly. Oh and remember N-Gage? Well it seems that it is back again with the Lumia X.
The tipster said that he got the picture from a friend who worked at the Nokia Design Studio and also went on to apologise if the information turns out to be true.
We personally doubt about such a smartphone coming to the market so take this bit of news with tons of salt and also do let us know what you feel about the design.