Nokia Mail for Exchange Beta now available on Nokia Asha phones

With Nokia’s constant efforts in its feature phone department, here is a brand new addition in the list of apps available for its feature phones. Nokia Mail for Exchange is now available for all the phones in the Asha series.


The app is currently in its beta stage and allows you to synchronize your contacts, calendars and emails with your Exchange servers email from your Asha devices.

Here are the features:

  • View emails with extended text formatting
  • Flag, move and copy messages
  • Sync multiple folders
  • Contacts auto complete when composing email
  • Search messages locally
  • View attachment file name and forward attachments

Calendar and contacts synchronization:

  • Integrates with Series 40 Asha calendar and contacts applications
  • View synchronized events from Exchange calendar
  • Create new synchronized personal calendar events
  • Create, accept and reject meeting requests
  • Two-way contacts synchronization
  • Global address book lookup of contacts

Connectivity and security:

  • Synchronizes email, calendar and contacts data over secure HTTPS connection
  • Application data encryption
  • Application inactivity security lock
  • Supports essential ActiveSync security policies including – Alphanumeric password required – Minimum password length – Minimum password required complex characters – Maximum failed password attempts – Local wipe after maximum attempts

This application is currently localized to English language and further updates will add support for 15 languages. The app is expected to be published on the Nokia Store in the month of June. Till then you can try the beta over at the Nokia Beta Labs here.