Nokia Maps to arrive for Windows Phone devices minus Free Voice Navigation

About a month back we shared with you about Nokia Maps app appearing in Windows Phone Marketplace and now it appears that the app will be available for all Windows Phone running devices. Even though the app will be free, it will come at a price and that is, it will not support the free Voice-guided offline navigation or Drive, as Nokia calls it, which was showcased in the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710.
Other than that Nokia Maps will surely have the following features:
  • Local POI details (provides you location, phone number, reviews, and photos of up to 25 locations in your vicinity)
  • Deep link support (you can pin destinations to the Start screen)
  • Detailed maps in satellite, 2D, and 3D views
Even though Drive will not be available, users will surely benefit from the app as it supports most countries of the world and has a lot of features.