Nokia N9 available in the US through Amazon

The MeeGo powered Nokia N9 is still loved for its amazing display capabilities and the new a fresh UI. However Nokia hasn’t released the device in many parts of the world, until now.


According to sources, Amazon has started selling the N9 for $649.99.

Nokia never listed the US in the region of availability list for the N9. But it seems that the company has no choice but to do so as the handset has not made a huge impact as the company expected and boasted at the launch.

Price for the 16GB is at $649.99 and $757.99 for the 64GB version.

So with the US getting the MeeGo powered handset is it possible that Nokia will launch the handset in India as well, as India was also one of the countries that were excluded from the availability list just like the US. Will you buy one if they do?

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