Nokia patents new touchless interactions for Lumia smartphones

While Nokia has introduced the hovering gesture in the Amber update of Windows Phone for their Lumia series, it may soon introduce touchless interaction with the devices.


According to the new patents obtained by Nokia, it has two new ways for touchless interactions with its phones. While the hovering gesture would just wake the display on pointing your finger close to the display, the new patents could help make reading and typing easier by just hovering over the screen. These features are expected to come to Lumia phones very soon.

The first patent is the ‘hover based text/object enlargement while reading or UI interaction’ which would enlarge the letter or part of the word you hover on thus making it easier for rendered touch inputs. Similarly the ‘hover base handling of text input and icons’ would enter the zoom-pan mode on hovering on the input text and part of text under hover would get zoomed in while simultaneously text panning based on movement of the hand.