Nokia Phi, Juggernaut Alpha, Champagne, Lumia 908 and more Nokia WP devices appear

So it has been a long time since Nokia announced any addition of smartphones but as we are nearing the launch of the Windows Phone 8 OS, we are seeing a lot devices emerging in the benchmark results.
And today at Occasional Gamer, we see a few of the upcoming Nokia devices pop up which include, Nokia Fluid, Juggernaut Alpha, Nokia P4301, Nokia Lumia 908, Nokia Dogphone, Nokia Champagne and Nokia Phi.

So there are quite a number of devices that Nokia seems to be in testing, out there behind the closed doors and we think all of them are going to run on Windows Phone 8 OS on arrival.
A thing to note is that the Nokia Champagne has been heard about long ago and seems to have been delayed for a late launch and also the name Juggernaut Alpha is a Windows Phone 8 smartphone which also appeared in a benchmark result with a score of 151 and leaving the HTC Titan II which is supposedly the most powerful WP smartphone out there with a score of only 97.


So the Juggernaut Alpha seems to be a beast when it comes to performance. Also, the benchmark result seems to be that of on an initial stage so we’ll have to see how the device performs at the launch. For now we’ll keep a watch on the entire codenamed Nokia devices listed above and see how they appear in the future leaks.