This is how the iPhone 5 could look, leaked parts assembled

What a great start to the week. Just as boring as any Monday could be, it has just become interesting thanks to iLab who has gone ahead and assembled all the leaked parts of the next iPhone and has given us high defination pictures to have a look as to how the next-gen device could look like.

The parts that iLab has assembled include – backplate, panel frame, Home button flex cable, Flex sensor cable, Power Flex cable, Home button, Volume buttons, digitizer, and more.

The leaked parts show us as to what all the changes could be in the next iPhone that Apple has brought in and those include a taller 4 inch screen, different internal parts like a new flex cable holding the Home button and the camera modules, both front and rear. The cutout of the camera seems to be larger too.


Also the configuration of the speakers and microphone at the bottom is the same as in previous leaks and the new smaller 16 or 19 pin dock connector could arrive. And the FaceTime camera seems to have moved to the centre above the earpiece speaker.


The two-tone design of the new iPhone looks great as the glass back seems to have been dropped, at least in these leaked parts. With the leaks rising, we hope Apple doesn’t take too long to unveil the iPhone 5 as many curious buyers have delayed their purchase just for the next iDevice from the Cupertino giant, which reflected in the company’s quarterly call.