Nokia shows off how to take the sickest day from work with the Nokia Lumia Icon

Everyone takes off ‘sick days’ from work. Sometimes you might not be actually feeling well, while at other times you just might have something better to do. How about taking your ‘sickest’ day from work yet? Nokia will show you how to do it.


While this is just a publicity gimmick, it is a cool one, since Nokia details, the sense of adventure that you can have with the Nokia Lumia Icon. If you are an adventure enthusiast, the Nokia Lumia Icon might be a great pick for shooting videos on a trip. Nokia details how the Nokia Lumia Icon keeps shooting and ends up with something better than your run-of-the-mill smartphone video, besides capturing frames in action.


Check it out:

This video truly suggests the best thing to do on a ‘sick day’. The Lumia Icon has definitely got some pretty cool features.


There are two things Nokia will always be good at – cool advertising and awesome smartphone cameras.