Nokia unveils Bicycle Charger Kit

Nokia_Bicycle_Charger_Kit-s  Nokia has unveiled Bicycle Charger Kit, an alternative charging solution built especially for people with limited access to electricity. The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit consists of a charger and dynamo, as well as a holder to secure the phone to the bike. When the kit is installed, the dynamo – a small electrical generator – uses the movement of the wheels to charge the handset through the standard 2mm charging jack used in most Nokia mobile phones.

Key Features

  • Starts and stops charging when bicycle speed is 6 km/h and 50 km/h, respectively
  • Reaches efficiency of a normal charger, e.g. corresponds to Nokia Compact Charger AC-3 when speed is 12 km/h
  • Total charging time varies between devices
  • Install and detach easily with cable ties, nuts and bolts in the sales box.
  • Blaster music from the mobile phone while bicycling and charging
  • Check charging status from the screen of the mobile phone
  • Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14 resists humidity and dust with double insulation
  • A bag protects mobile phone from humidity and dust

The price of the Nokia Bicycle Charges is not yet disclosed. It will be available in market before the end of Year 2010.