Nokia working on ‘Prodigy’ and ‘AC/DC’ Windows Phone 8 devices

According to the latest rumours doing the rounds, it seems that Nokia is already working on two Windows Phone 8 Apollo devices codenamed ‘Nokia Prodigy’ and ‘AC/DC’.


With the ‘Apollo’ update we know that Windows Phone will bring in new capability to support for multi-core processors, HD display resolutions, NFC, OS level encryption and more.

The Nokia Prodigy is said to be a high-end device which will have the best features yet on any Windows Phone device. While on the other hand the AC/DC is rumoured to be a mid-range mobile which may go on to have a little less features than the Prodigy. 
From what the source hopes, Nokia is already testing both the devices over AT&T’s network in the US. It also seems that Microsoft is also working on other devices for Sprint’s network. Whatever the case may be, we expect both the devices to run on Windows Phone 8 and expect them to be unveiled with the launch of Windows Phone 8 OS later this year.