Tata DoCoMo offers free talktime with 3G data with SmartLife plans

We all know that Tata DoCoMo always offers something interesting to its users and following the same it has introduced new SmartLife plans which come loaded with 3G Data bundled with free talktime. 

Now users will get free talktime when they buy a 3G Data plan included in the SmartLife plans.

The SmartLife plans include four options from which Tata DoCoMo users can opt for any one of their choice. The first in the line is Rs. 90 data plan, which will go on to give users 200 MB of 3G data with a validity of 30 days. 
Next up is the plan Rs. 146 which will give users free talktime of Rs. 50 with bundled 3G data of 300 MB. With plan Rs. 199 users will be able to enjoy 400 MB of 3G data along with free talktime of Rs. 100. Last is the plan Rs. 246 which will give user 3G data usage of maximum 600 MB which is bundled with free talktime of Rs. 150. All these plans come with a validity of 30 days. 

And if users opt for any of these plans online from Tata DoCoMo’s website, then the company is offering them 20% extra 3G data usage at no extra cost. Great indeed! Very nicely designed packs for users with less data usage along with free talktime.

To know more on these plans and to opt for them, head over here or contact your nearest retailer.