Nokia Z Launcher updated with new features and opens up to more users

We first came to know about the innovative Nokia Z Launcher last month and while people were surely intrigued about it, not everyone got to use it. Many people signed up for the pre-beta trial but not everyone got to use it. Today, we have good news on everyone who missed out, Nokia is expanding the pre-beta trial to more users. Users who first registered but could not try it last time will get the chance first to get the app.


Along with the pre-beta trial expansion, Nokia is also updating the launcher with new features. There’s ability to configure your favorite apps with a single drag and drop on the home screen. A long press on an app will now show you options to hide and uninstall the app. The launcher has also incorporated Wi-Fi SSID to improve the ability to recognize and show up apps on specific networks. 

There’s a new Data Insight feature that lets you Explore how you use your phone, what apps and contacts you access and when.” Nokia has kept this feature simple for now and will improve it if people like it. The launcher now works better on the One M8 and Moto X. Nokia is working to support more devices in the future.

So, anyone using the Nokia Z Launcher here? How has your experience been?