Nokia’s French GM hints at Windows 8 tablet in 2012

In an interview to a French newspaper, Les Echos, Nokia’s French General Manager Paul Amselle has hinted that the Finnish company is planning to come out with a Windows 8 tablet in 2012. Previously Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had revealed that there is possibly a new tablet opportunity coming. According to Amselle the tablet could come out in June 2012.

Paul Amselle went on to compare Nokia’s Windows Phone devices to BMW’s 5, 3 and 7 series. According to Amselle, the current Lumia 800 is Nokia’s BMW 5 series and the line will soon be completed just like BMW has the 3 series and 7 series. The 3 series can be guessed to that of Nokia 710, but the 7 series will be the future high end for Nokia.

Nokia is also planning a grand entry in the US with a probable LTE version of Nokia Lumia 800 and is said to be in talks with AT&T to launch the device at CES 2012. Well Nokia is taking no chances and doing everything it can to secure a good percentage of market shares with its Windows Phone devices.