Nokia’s windows equipped phones will be out by 2012

After the tie up with Microsoft, Nokia has been in news for launching the new Windows
equipped cell phones. There have been rumors about the launch, but now according to a report filed by Daily News and Analysis we might see Nokia launching these phones in 2012. The information comes from our very own Vice President and Managing Director of Nokia India, D Sivakumar. He said that “Nokia’s first Windows Phone handset would become available roughly 12 months from now.”

The information may or may not be true as it contradicts previous announcements by Nokia officials. Till then Nokia is planning to launch about 20 Symbian powered smart phones. D Sivakumar also added, “We took the decision after looking at that operating system [Windows Mobile 7]. It’s a good operating system. Microsoft has been looking for a strong hardware partner, but they have been on phones [platforms] which have not given them that strength. With Nokia, suddenly the scales are huge. So, for the first time in many markets, people will get used to a Windows Mobile phone thanks to the Nokia tie-up.”