Now apply for IPOs through SMS

You have paid your electricity bills, booked cinema tickets, and transferred money through your bank using Mobile handset. Now, add investing in IPO to that list. “SMS IPO”, a first of its kind and developed, copyrighted worldwide by Ekkay Magic, is all geared up to take investing in IPO to the next level. SMS IPO” allows the average investor to leverage the anytime-anywhere mobility of the mobile phone and the simplicity and ease of the SMS (there are no application to be downloaded on cell) to apply for an Initial Public Offering by a company on the stock market. More importantly, it adds value for many investors who lack the time and the patience to go through the grind of lengthy paper work currently associated with applying for an IPO.

How does SMS IPO Work?

  • SMS is sent to the cutomer prior to the opening of IPO.
  • After IPO opens customer apply it via SMS.
  • Customer gets registered and receives acknowledgement.
  • Server collects SMSes upto IPO Closing Date
  • Detailed Information is processed and stored in Database
  • Payment should be made to recommended banks before IPO Closes