Now enhance your fixed data plan using the BlackBerry DataSmart

blackberry-datamsmart Everyone wants to have more of what he loves is perhaps the reason BlackBerry has introduced it’s new DataSmart technology thus joining the “data bandwagon”.

So what exactly is this DataSmart technology? Well, it’s simple to use and involves the zipping of files before it is sent or received resulting in a smaller size and hence less usage of memory. It can be easily compared to zipping large files on your computer. The data compression enables a better battery life, faster application operation and lower monthly service plans.


Using the DataSmart technology BlackBerry users will be able to enjoy 2x more web browsing, 2x more social networking, 4x more email on their fixed data plan. This new data efficiency plan is what the users will be looking forward to but for the time being would prefer to stay within their fixed plan and budget.

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