Now type faster on your touchscreen android phone, with SwiftKey

touchtype-swiftkey Two London based entrepreneurs have come up with a new software – SwiftKey –  for touchscreen phones. SwiftKey utilises patent-pending language technology to predict whole words as a user types. The beta, currently available on smartphones running the Google Android platform. TouchType, the start-up behind SwiftKey, claims that it can increase writing speeds by up to 50% with its powerful prediction engine. It  uses complex language models that understand how words are combined within sentences.

The technology that powers SwiftKey is called the Fluency Prediction Engine. It draws on recent breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing from the University of Cambridge and provides the best text prediction experience on the market.

SwiftKey features include:

  • Support for US/UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish
  • Next‐word prediction engine based on word context
  • Rapid and comprehensive learning of individual writing style
  • A third of next words predicted without any character input
  • Relevant, personalised predictions
  • Advanced error correction designed for small mobile keyboards
  • Inline spelling and grammar correction
  • Automatic accent insertion (for non‐English character entry)
To download SwiftKey click here