Now you have a special ‘Phone Lane’ in China to walk while texting

With the number of accidents caused due to mobile phones increasing alarmingly, China has now designated a special phone lane for its tech-savvy citizens.


The city authorities in Chongqing, China have launched the ‘first mobile phone sidewalks in China’ for the pedestrians. The authorities have designated a 30 metre ‘phone lane’ for people who use their phones while walking. However, the implementation, the rules and degree of seriousness are yet to be known.

‘Distracted Walking’, which is caused by the use of phones while walking, is known to be major problem, especially with the teenagers. While a phone lane may be an easy solution to the problem, the intensity of the problem is such that it is difficult to say that the ‘distracted’ people using the phones will manage to stick to the lane and not bump into each other. Do you think that a phone lane should be implemented in India as well?