Official reduced pricing of the iPad 2 for India

Earlier we told you how the new iPad has made the 16GB version of the iPad 2 a bit cheaper than before. Well now we have some more update on this. Apple has revised the rates of all the versions of the iPad 2, and they seem to be already updated in all the stores in India.
While people are still waiting for official Indian prices of the new iPad, others are now pleased with the reduction of prices of the iPad 2.

The revised prices of the iPad 2 are:

16 GB Wi-Fi is now Rs. 24,500 from Rs. 29,500
16 GB Wi-Fi +3G is now Rs. 32,900 from Rs. 36,900
32GB Wi-Fi is now Rs. 30,500 from Rs. 34,500

32 GB Wi-Fi + 3G now Rs. 38,900 from Rs. 41,900
64 GB Wi-Fi is now Rs. 36,500 from Rs. 39,500
64 GB Wi-Fi +3G is now Rs. 44,900 from Rs. 46,900

So tempted to buy the iPad 2? Or are you going to wait and buy the new iPad? Do leave a comment.